My birthday is on Friday, so I’ve been thinking a lot about cocktails! To me, the ultimate birthday sip has to come in a martini glass. It’s slim and sophisticated, and makes everything look and taste distinguished. 

Because of its alluring aesthetics, the martini glass is synonymous with an elegant event. Plus, it serves multiple purposes. From holding 3 of the classiest cocktails to styling your appetizers, snacks and desserts, it’s the quintessential stemware for any affair. 

Hosting a party? Pull out the martini glasses and serve them up the only way you can… with a twist!  

3 Classic Martini Cocktails

  1. The Cosmo: Sex and the City lovers know that the Cosmo is always in style. Hot pink, perfectly tart and just plain fun, it’s my go-to when throwing a birthday party or hosting a girls’ night in. Hint: try it with Absolut Citron for an extra pop of citrus. 
  2. The Dirty Vodka Martini: Hands down, this one is my personal favorite. I like it straight up with extra olive juice and a few blue-cheese stuffed olives. It’s Double-O-Seven sexy and as haute as Hepburn. Enjoy it before a coursed meal—or anytime you’re out on the town.
  3. The Espresso Martini: My husband has fallen in love with this caffeinated delight, featuring coffee, Kahlua and a hint of vanilla. Garnish it with a few coffee beans, and serve it as the celebration winds down. It’s a decadent late-night sip that will perk you up for a few more hours of fun! 

Want to get more use out of your martini glasses? They make a picture-perfect food presentation. Fill them with light bites, like:

  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Ceviche
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Candy 
  • Crudité

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