If you’re shopping for the best gifts this holiday season, look no further. I’ve curated a list of the year’s must-haves for all the food lovers in your life. From handheld smokers to cast iron skillets, plus chef services that keep on giving, you’ll have your presents wrapped up in no time. 

Giving food, culinary tools or chef services means that your gift will be put to good use time and time again. No returns or exchanges here! Plus, don’t forget to pick up a little something for yourself. You deserve it!

Foodie Gifts & Chef Services for the Holidays 

The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker: Over Thanksgiving, our friends made smoked bourbon cocktails with maple candied bacon. Um… yes. While guests were enjoying their new favorite cocktail, I was laser focused on the mini smoker. I instantly knew this kitchen tool had to make my wish list this year! It’s perfect for anyone who loves that woodsy winter essence. Think smoky mozzarella, smoked teriyaki tuna and whatever else you can dream up.

Anything from Urbani: Truffled pizza, pasta and oils, oh my! Since 1850, Urbani has been sourcing the finest Italian truffles, in addition to a full line of gourmet items such as Russian caviar, balsamic vinegar and dried mushrooms. The best part? You can get it all delivered in 24 hours! They also offer cooking classes and charity dinners. Or, you can visit them in NYC, which I'll be doing over New Year’s!

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware: Since 1896, this company has been producing premier cast-iron cookware. This line can be used for indoor or outdoor cooking, and to prepare just about any meal on your menu. From bacon and eggs and whole roasted chicken to apple-cinnamon crumbles and cornbreads, it’s the versatile cookware you’ll use for generations. (Make sure you get one in every size!)

Coravin Wine System: Do you ever hesitate to open a fine wine because you’re not prepared to finish the entire bottle? Or, do you know a wine aficionado always looking for the latest, greatest wine gadget? This amazing device allows you to pour a glass of wine without corking the bottle! With this unique gift, you can enjoy just a glass or two, while preserving the rest for another day. 

Pizza, Grilling and Baking Stone: Love pizza? This is by far the best pizza stone I've ever owned. The company is based in France and this product is made from Burgundy clay. With the right dough, you're guaranteed the crispiest crust without a wood-fired pizza oven. My secret weapon for crispy, chewy dough every time... bread flour instead of regular flour. With this handy kitchen gadget, you’ll never want to order takeout again! 

Chef Services: Want to give your loved one (or yourself) the ultimate gift this season? How about stress-free cooking and delicious dining, night after night? With my Chicago-based Personal Chef Services, you won’t have to worry about menu planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning. Feed your family without any of the effort. Call me to book an on-going service or one-time holiday meal: 925-683-4523.

Bonus Gift:

Receive a complimentary Wine Pairing with your Holiday Catering