You’re nearing the first anniversary of your baby’s birth, and it’s time to pause and reflect on the past year. If this is your first child, life has surely done a complete 180 from before you were pregnant. If it’s not your first child, things are still likely much different since adding another member to your family. Let’s celebrate the joy your little one has added to your life by throwing their first birthday party!

A first birthday party is significant not only for your child, but for your friends and family, too. You want to be able to show your child pictures and mementos of their first birthday in a few years, but you want it to be a fun experience for everyone at the actual party—whether they’re kids or adults.

Here are my favorite ideas for a fabulous first birthday party:

  • Smash cake: Make a cake expressly for your one-year-old to have a blast smashing, squeezing and digging her hands into.  The smash cake concept can also be applied to any food you think your baby would enjoy. What about tacos? Pancakes?
  • ...and a regular cake: Whether it’s cupcakes, cake pops or a cake in the shape of the number one, make sure there’s a treat for everyone else to enjoy after your little one has had fun smashing the other cake!
  • Time capsule: Ask guests to write well-wishes, advice or sweet notes to the birthday boy or girl and place them all in a box. Give the box to your child several years later as another birthday gift.
  • Photo calendar: Place one photo from each month of baby’s life on a display board so guests can see how much he’s grown over the past year.
  • Miniature menu: It’s likely there will be other kids running around at your child’s first birthday party, so make the food options easy on everyone (and on your cleanup time). Finger sandwiches cut into fun shapes, mini sliders, or snacks portioned into pretty paper cups allow kids the freedom to play while getting food into their bellies.
  • Simple games: Give the kids something to do by setting up a ball or ring toss, a pinata or fishing pond in a kiddie pool. Team up the older kids with the very little ones!

Our boutique catering services can offer even more cute and creative ideas for your child’s first birthday party. Get in touch and let’s plan the celebration together!