Corporate events are always so…drab!

A vanilla sheet cake, black coffee and wilting fruit platter doesn’t really say much about your brand, culture or values.

While the office isn’t an ideal venue for an elevated affair, a board meeting or new business presentation is the time to impress! Whether you’re thanking your employees, schmoozing a potential client or hosting a town hall meeting, the execution is a reflection of your business.

Do it right, and it’ll pay off in dividends.

The scale of your event will dictate the budget. But no matter how big or small, the success lies in the details…

Brighten the room: If your conference room consists of a large table with a bunch of chairs, add pops of color for a livelier look. Fresh flowers are always nice, but long vases can block conversation. Instead, opt for short-stemmed bouquets that match your brand’s color palette.

Reinvent snack time: Don’t want your guests drifting off during the meeting? Keep them alert with plenty of snacks. Customized M&Ms with your logo can be presented individually for a personal touch. I also love homemade energy bars wrapped in parchment paper (for a rustic look), mini smoothie shooters and exotic fruit bowls. For an upscale event, trade snacks for canapés.

Elevate the menu: Keep the food simple yet elegant with assorted finger sandwiches, Sicilian sliders and mini quiche. Or, take it to the next level with a full buffet spread featuring beef tenderloin, whipped potatoes and roasted asparagus with bacon blue cheese. If appropriate, a glass of bubbly is the perfect pairing for any meal.

Add indulgence: Take a nod from French cuisine with a sophisticated dessert presentation. Colorful macaroons, chocolate éclairs and mille-feuille (aka Napoleons) will give everyone an opportunity to sample a few sweet treats—or box them up for the ride home. If your company is known for their ice cream socials, make it memorable with premium gelato and toppings like salted caramels, chopped truffles and toasted coconut flakes.

Now, this sounds like a party!

Are you in charge of planning corporate events? Let’s talk. Contact me here or call me directly (925.683.4523) and we’ll design an event that matches your company’s style.