You’ve just gotten engaged and announced the big news to your family and friends.

Now what?

Some brides start dreaming about their wedding day when they’re little girls.
Some don’t think about it until the day after they get engaged. Either way, it’s time!

Most likely you’ve already had to field questions from your mother about the wedding venue you haven’t yet picked, or from your best friend about the bridesmaids’ dresses you haven’t yet found. And everyone has an opinion.

This is supposed to be the most romantic time in your life. Let’s grab a cocktail and get organized!

One of my favorite things to do is help couples design and organize their wedding vision. I help people create a whole wedding experience, including the wine, food, themes, textures, lighting and ambience. 

Some of the best weddings I’ve helped organize have been those that shine with simple yet sophisticated touches. What about holding your wedding at a unique venue like a theater or aquarium? What about a fire pit with mini hors d’oeuvres and matching mini-cocktails? Or take a nod from the bride’s dress and incorporate it into the centerpieces at each table.

Consider what’s most important to you and make decisions that stay true to who you are. Stay organized and clear in your vision, and the time leading up to your wedding will go much more smoothly.

We can help you design and create a wedding that’s uniquely you. Contact us here to set up a time to talk about your vision.