Spring is almost here, which means we’re already dreaming of summer weddings and parties. We’re ready for cool, refreshing beverages; lighter meals; and long daylight hours that let us dance well into the night.

If you’re offering wine at your event, your libations should also be light and airy. And what better way to give your event a special flair than with some creative wine recipes (it’s not just for drinking, you know). If you love wine and are looking for some unique ways to serve it at your upcoming spring event, this post is for you!

Prosecco Popsicles: This is a fun idea that’s reminiscent of a frozen mimosa. Blend prosecco with fresh fruit (hint: berries are beautiful) and freeze in popsicle molds. You can even create an eye-catching striped popsicle with layers of prosecco and fruit puree, freezing each layer 30 minutes before pouring in the next. This post by Fashionable Hostess breaks it down step by step. 


White Wine Slushies: Wine slushies are another way to enjoy fruit with your wine. They’re super simple to make, too! Just blend fresh fruit with your favorite white wine (adjust ratios depending on how sweet you want the final product), and serve in short glasses with an extra slice of fruit. Try a tropical blend with Pinot Grigio, pineapple and peaches! Get more flavor combination ideas here.

Rosé Sangria: Rosé isn’t a wine commonly used with sangria, but we think it should be more commonplace! This strawberry-rhubarb sangria with rosé is the perfect refreshing spring drink. The recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart and uses rhubarb simple syrup, fresh strawberries and mint, and a few slices of lime for added zing.

Champagne Sorbet: This elegant sorbet is a light ice cream alternative that won’t leave you or your guests feeling too weighed down to dance. Reduce the alcohol content of the champagne by boiling it first. That’ll make it easier to freeze. Don’t worry--it’ll still taste like champagne! 

Wine-Marinated Grapes: This is an easy solution to one-bite hors d’oeuvres that will impress your guests and doesn’t require more than a toothpick to eat. Simply soak a bunch of green grapes in your white wine of choice, then freeze for a few hours. The frozen grapes can also be used as ice cubes to keep your glass of white wine chilled without diluting it.

There are dozens of wine recipes online that use wine creatively without compromising sophistication. Check out Pinterest for more ideas, or even better, let Deb Miley Dishes help. Enlist our boutique catering services for your next event. There’s plenty more where this came from!