I’m always looking for innovative ways to recreate classic dishes and give them my signature Deb Miley spin. This week, I’m making fall meals and snacks, utilizing one of my favorite ingredients: chickpeas. While it may surprise you that I have such an affinity for these little legumes, consider this…  

From Turkish to Indian to Italian cuisine, chickpeas appear in a multitude of ethnic dishes. Having traveled and lived abroad, I enjoy making meals that pay homage to fresh flavors from around the world. Even in my Chicago kitchen, I can take my family (and my clients) on a cross-cultural adventure. 

Not only do chickpeas offer a host of culinary benefits, they’re also inexpensive, easy to cook and really good for you! Chickpeas are full of plant-based protein and fiber. Plus, they’re a source of folic acid—a vitamin that’s especially important when you’re pregnant. 

If you’re looking for new and exotic dinner ideas, check out my chickpea tasting menu below. Or, if you’re considering my Personal Chef Services, this snapshot will give you a sampling of what you can expect…

Chickpea Tasting Menu

Smoky Chipotle Hummus: Featuring roasted red peppers and a hint of heat, this recipe puts a South American spin on a Middle Eastern favorite. My clients enjoy this as a side dish or snack with crudité and flatbread. You can also try it as a spread to make wraps and sandwiches that will give your co-workers a serious case of lunch envy. 

Pasta e Ceci: A Roman classic, this hearty soup pairs chickpeas and pasta to create the ultimate comfort food. I start with generous amounts of olive oil to sauté garlic, onion, sausage and broccoli rabe. Or, I keep it vegetarian with tomatoes and spinach. Either way, this one’s a hit!  

Chana Masala: A staple in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, chana masala takes chickpeas to a whole new level. I incorporate lots of fresh and dried spices to build robust flavor, and serve it over brown basmati rice with chopped cilantro. This is a bold meal that pairs well with a crisp glass of white wine. 

Crispy Chickpeas: This crunchy snack is a great alternative to greasy potato chips—and a fun all-American treat to add to your kids’ lunchboxes. You can make them with nothing more than olive oil and sea salt, or kick them up with cinnamon, paprika or chipotle spices. 

Like my dinner ideas? I have plenty! Forgo the food rut and let me cook for you. My Personal Chef Services are filling up fast, so contact me today to schedule your Initial Consultation.