I often say there’s an Italian grandmother trapped inside my body! Not unlike the best Nonnas I know, there’s always something brewing in my kitchen. Deb Miley Dishes is the culmination of my unadulterated love for food and cooking infused with a get sh*t done (GSD) attitude. 

Growing up in Brooklyn, I was exposed to some of the best cuisines right in my own neighborhood. On most days, you could walk down any block and smell garden basil, sauce on the stove or sausage sizzling. There were fresh pasta stores, butchers, salumerias, fruit markets and pizzerias within a few blocks of home. 

In my 20s, I was working in New York City and living with my parents. I loved my job, but at the end of those very long days, I most looked forward to cooking for my family. I’d stock up on fresh ingredients, prepare a homemade meal and catch up with my mom and dad. No TVs, no iPhones, no interruptions—just good food and good conversation. To this day, I just want to feed people. 

I know how hard it is to juggle school drop-offs, stressful days at the office and piles of laundry. I know what it’s like to pack lunches while checking emails and scheduling doctor’s appointments. And I know how frustrating it can be to plan, shop for and cook a meal with a full schedule.  

I started this Personal Chef and Boutique Catering business to take the stress of daily cooking and entertaining off your plate. I want to give you your time back, so you and your family can enjoy life's simplest moments or greatest milestones—with an amazing meal at the heart of it all.

Let me help you: I invite you to check out my Personal Chef services to see how I can get dinner on your table (every night!). Or, contact me to schedule your Initial Consultation. 

Plus, learn the secret to my success: If you want to read more about my journey of starting a Personal Chef business and developing Deb Miley Dishes, pick up a copy of my new book: Behind Their Brand: Chef Edition Volume 2! Featuring 9 entrepreneurs, this volume shares the intimate details of how we turned our passions into a recipe for success. Available: September 22.