About Deb Miley

Deb Miley Dishes is the expression of my unadulterated love for food and a great party! My more than 20 year passion for creating food started as a young girl in Brooklyn, where I spent my days enjoying the best pizza in the world and learning how to cook in my mother’s kitchen. A combination of Irish-American traditional comforts passed down from my family and the rich influence of our Italian friends and family, enabled me to become deeply immersed in many different tastes and cultures -- and I literally ate it up!

My love for cooking evolved into a passion for event planning and design that flourished during my work with the Office of the Mayor for the City of New York. I was lucky enough to assist in the production of landmark events, including New York Yankees World Series Champions parades, the Mayor’s Inaugural events, celebrations for Astronaut John Glenn and the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and other high-profile events at premiere venues throughout the City.

My culinary skills were only enhanced over the last decade as my family crisscrossed the country and the world. From New York to California and now Chicago, I have broadened my classic Italian and American fare with Mid-Western and West Coast flair. A 1-year residence in Paris with my husband, Greg, and our children, Olivia and Tripp, offered me the opportunity to take advantage of all French cooking and culture had to offer, infusing my New York style with local classics and traditional European flavors.

As the founder of the eponymous Deb Miley Dishes, I am taking the best of what I have loved and learned about cooking and event design to create elegant events with a sense of ease and whimsy. My goal is to work with my clients to design personalized events that are rich with flavors and style that can be executed without complexity, harness their personalities to bring their event to life and provide simply delicious dishes. I always strive to elevate even the most classic of dishes and inspire my clients to creatively entertain their guests as the perfect backdrop to life’s most memorable moments.

I currently reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago with my ever-hungry husband and kids.


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